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smoked-revival when you see the booty
"Everyone has an addiction; mine happens to be you."
André 3000, The Real Her (via passionxpainxpleasure)


liking someone and pretending you don’t is a lot of hard work


Pumori Summit in the Himalayas by Arsenii Gerasymenko


I want to talk to people but I feel like I annoy every single person I talk to


. στο We Heart It.
"We prefer listening to songs that matches our current emotions."
"The bravest people are the ones who don’t mind looking like cowards."
T.H. WhiteThe Once and Future King (via feellng)

You are sitting beside me,
and I miss you.

Your knee no longer brushes against mine
beneath the desks at school;
your fingertips no longer search for mine
in the dark;
your arms no longer encircle my waist
to protect yourself from
your eyes no longer drink in
every curl
of my hair.

Have you forgotten how to love, my darling?
Can you no longer recall those
endless winter nights:
wrapped up in one another’s broken hearts,
gasping for air between
hot-breathed whispers,
listening to the rain against old tin roofs?

You are sitting beside me,
and I miss you.

Perhaps I always will.

L.G. Last Year’s Feelings, Part II

(Part I can be found here.)